Our 130-year history

“We started in 1892 as carpenters. Today as in the past, we are guided by our principles and values: quality, design and competency. We explore and identify for you the main trends of international design, to offer you a selection of objects which make unique your interiors…. and often we bill them with our hands and our passion.”

Designer Andrea Grattoni

The story

Everything began, at the end of ‘800, in a house lined at the edge of a gravel road with a a two-leaf door, where three brothers started up a rudimental company, but full of enthusiasm: there were the artist, the craftsman and the accountant… all this between planers, hacksaws, clamps, saws, pots of fish glue and the pencil behind the ear, a red and flat lapis with a large mine tempered with a knife. In the following years Giovanni Battista Grattoni, called Titta, was able to passing down all his enthusiasm and passion to his son Andrea who, even if he was still a child, followed his father, with curiosity, in fairs and factories. Andrea has inherited the passion and openness, he has treasured the past to grow, to get emotional and give emotions through a material that gave, gives and will always give warmth. Great vitality of ideas, of research, of creation, of growth and a lot of passion.

Fundamental Milestones

  • 1892


    The first invoice is recovered

  • 2002

    First Casabella Cocktail Party

    To celebrate the 80th Birthday of Giovanni Battista Grattoni



  • 2006


    Design and production of our First Table

  • 2008

    Birth of the "Grattoni 1892" trademark



  • 2009


    6th G.B. Grattoni Project

  • 2010

    1st G.B. Grattoni Project • Table



  • 2012


    2nd G.B. Grattoni Project • Bed

  • 2013

    Birth of the "Pavia di Udine Impresa" project



  • 2014


    First iconic Cutting Board by Grattoni1892

  • 2014

    3rd G.B. Grattoni Project • Sitting



  • 2015


    ONBOARD – Venice

  • 2016

    4th G.B. Grattoni Project • To read



  • 2016


    “Grattoni 1892” chopping boards appear at the "Bastianich Music Festival"

  • 2017

    Global Innovation Award



  • 2018 • January


    1st participation in the "Maison&Objet" event in Paris

  • 2018

    5th G.B. Grattoni Project • Wood object for the dining table



  • 2018


    1st Mitteleuropean Race

  • 2018 • September

    2nd partecipation to the “Maison&Objet” Fair in Paris


    2018 • September

  • 2019


    Grattoni1892 cutting boards at the Pupi&Fornelli TV show

  • 2019 • January

    3rd partecipation to the “Maison&Objet” Fair in Paris


    2019 • January

  • 2019


    Presence at the TV Show "Venice is Cooking"

  • 2019

    2nd Mitteleuropean Race



  • 2019 • September


    4th partecipation to the “Maison&Objet” Fair in Paris

  • 2020

    Participation to the Ambiente Fair in Frankfurt



  • 2020


    Start of works for the new carpentry

  • 2020

    5th partecipation to the “Maison&Objet” Fair in Paris



  • 2020


    First Tray designed by Grattoni1892

  • 2018

    Milestone Title


  • 2021


    3rd G.B. Grattoni Project • The Board

  • 2021

    Roadshow 2021



  • 2021


    Mitteleuropean Race 2021

  • 2021

    1st Fair in Asia • Hong Kong with Tutto Italiano



  • 2021


    Inauguration of the new carpentry

  • 2022

    Award ceremony for the 6th edition of the G.B. Grattoni



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