"In wood of your choice with iron base"

These products designed by Grattoni1892 are tailor-made and unique, “Never one like another”.
It was designed lower to make you feel like you're on holiday even when you're at the table.
They can be customized on request and based on your preferences. You can choose the type of the woods, the sizes, the shape of the base and it’s done.
They are all handmade by our our skilled artisans which are able to stand out the veinings and the natural characteristics of the wood.

Unique, all different and each one with a story to tell and a thousand to listen to.

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Gessica Borsatti
Anno 2016
Dimensioni altezza 40cm | larghezza 40cm | lunghezza 40cm | Disponibile anche su misura
Materiali ferro con saldature a vista verniciato trasparente e tavole di legno di larice di 50 anni di vita.
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