2016 edition

The theme

The relationship between furnishing and book was the theme of the 4th Project G. B. Grattoni of 2016. 
In the contemporaneity of our daily actions, the term "read" is taking on ever-new facets and inclinations, declinations, shapes, proportions, and colors that seek to provide an effective and efficient response to a plurality of needs that essentially leave the device with which one chooses to access information and content. Paper and digital have never been so close and at the same time antagonists. There are those who remain attached to the old devices, the books, which by the discovery of Johannes Gutenberg (inventor of the mobile printing in 1455) have never ceased to accompany each trajectory of personal and professional growth and there are those who, he prefers the immateriality of digital solutions, from ebooks to blogs, from forums to digital newspapers, from webzines to specific social profiles, increasingly protagonists in the act of spreading and multiplying news. So how does the way of reading change, also the furnishing complements to support this action: no more (or rather, not only) large bookcases and shelves usually fixed in specific environments (such as studios, offices, lounges or stays) but smart solutions (in materials, shapes, modularity, anchoring systems, manufacturing and assembly / disassembly processes) that can be moved and positioned in very heterogeneous places, with a great deal of simultaneously fulfilling functions not just to organize and / or guard the volumes. The 2016 edition therefore asks designers from all over the world to research and experiment with unusual small and large furnishing accessories that can enhance our relationship and our interaction with one of the most fascinating objects in the world, the book, intended in all its forms, dimensions, manifestations and languages, both online and offline. Suggestions will be made to improve our daily lives with books, from organization to enhancement, from fruition to custody and interaction, from real to digital. The 4th edition of the G.B. Project Grattoni was looking for devices to translate one of the most important objects of the last 2000 years into something incredibly contemporary, able to meet the needs of today's man and woman who, depending on his nature, experience, experience and necessity, access content, information and narratives in different places, with different devices and times. One last little advice: start by analyzing your relationship with reading. When and where do you read? How do you read and where (if you do) keep what you read? Are the books independent or, depending on the case and context, interact with the environment and "inhabitants"? 

L3R75 - Winner

The winner is the Designer Ekaterina Shchetina, of Russian rhinos residing in Milan. Read me is a hybrid mobile, a bit of a little armchair lamp and a little library with the integration of a tablet holder and USB sockets. By its nature it meets the needs of a large audience from grandfather to grandchild. It adapts to the most diverse contexts from the residential to the waiting rooms of offices or hotels. Made of wood with a leather seat and a piece of electronics hidden in a leg of the lamp makes it a pleasure to read more tasty.
The inspiration comes from observing the places we like to read in particular from the beach, in fact the sitting with its textile texture recalls the deck chair and the lamp the umbrella, almost to make us feel on vacation in a breathtaking corner of tranquility. 

IBIDEM4 - Mention

This project belongs to Designer Elena Colombini. The motto is based on the Latin phrase "IBIDEM" which literally means "in the same place" or "at the same time". It is used in books to avoid repeating a previously mentioned bibliographic reference already mentioned, from which a quote or concept is drawn. IBIDEM 4 is therefore the perfect motto for this furniture complement, which aims to rethink the "book" object, giving it centrality but adapting its use and storing to the current technology requirements. IBIDEM4 embodies the new concept of functional furnishing, which at the same time serves as a large drawer for storing books, thus fulfilling the function at the same time, supporting work, leisure, but also library. So it does not necessarily grow vertically on a wall, but horizontally, this becoming the protagonist of the room in which it is placed. IBIDEM4 meets the need to save space, without sacrificing the poetic
beauty of the exposed books. In the room the books become a compact volume on which to work concretely, eat or share with friends.
The line of furnishing is elegant, clean: assembling the traditional wood color, materials of more technological flavor, such as steel. Project G. B. Grattoni