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Letto in legno tutto ad incastro senza nessuna vite nè colla. I comodini sono la continuazione della prima doga.

The story of the project

The Project G. B. Grattoni was born to remind his father Giovanni Battista (said Titta), a master craftsman and expert in wood and to
continue to put into practice the values and passion that characterized his everyday life. The project is two-year, thematic and is aimed at young professionals, students and neo-graduates: architects, designers, artisans and creatives. Since 2010, participants are invitedb to try to design a complement of furniture. A jury, selected and internationally, examines all work received in an anonymous form and elects the winner and, when motivated, the mentions. It was intended to call it Project because it does not stop at simple recognition but intends to go further to the completion and marketing of the complement, through feasibility studies, cost estimation, and definition of production timing. Each Winning Project will bring the name of its creator, giving it visibility and a royalities contract. So far, over 300 young people have participated in previous themes, demonstrating how the enthusiasm of being involved is the first step towards a personal and personal career path. The Project G. B. Grattoni is promoted and owned by Casabella Grattoni1892. .


The Project G. B. Grattoni is not just a contest but a path of growth, sharing and passion. Some of the young designers who, in past
years, have faced previous issues, have continued to actively participate in the Project by demonstrating how presenting the works is
simply the first step towards new, sometimes unpublished, opportunities territories. 

All editions

2018 - Wood furniture for the table 

2016 - Reading

2014 Sitting

2012 - Bed

2010 - table