The Xera kitchens are a unique work, always equal but different. The hand-brushed steel is a manual finish derived from the hand of man. Technology and tradition alternate in a musicality of product where passionate professionality project fuses into an exclusive language and only ours. Within a Xera kitchen there are more worlds. There are more environments and ways of thinking. There is a great chef's kitchen, with its sophisticated appliances and large working islands, but everything is discreetly inserted into the existing living space to become a real furnishing system. There is the minimal design of a steel industrial kitchen, Xera's 0 Km of steel and its machining, as well as the heat of treated wood and stones. 
Casabella Grattoni1892 showroom brand: XERA
Cucina in inox spazzolato Xera nello showroom di Casabella