Wall & Decò

Wall & Deco was born almost by chance by the founder and creative director of the brand Christian Benini, originally advertising
photographer. When playing an image with large leaves to use as a photo set, it immediately senses the decorative value and its possible use in the world of furnishings. Architects and designers are immediately attracted to the suggestion of these images, so to start using them in their projects. This is how the company is born, which in a short time contributes to redefining the aesthetics of mural decor with a precise and innovative philosophy: no more repetition of pattern and geometry, typical of traditional wallpaper, but magnification and macro - images with strong effect material. With the passing of the years, Wall & Deco has become increasingly big, bringing in its market two innovative systems with a strong visual impact and great technical value: OUT SYSTEM ™, wall covering for surfaces n exterior and facades and WET SYSTEM ™, the lining for wet environments such as bath and shower. Craft craftsmanship for unique products, developed ad hoc and customized each time, is what Wall & Deco identifies, which manages to offer custom
solutions for wall decor. 
Casabella Grattoni1892 showroom brand: Wall & Decò
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