Twils: Over 20 years of experience in the upholstered textile, bedding and lingerie sector, I have followed with great passion the
evolution of design and trends. A solid reality that today offers its own original lifestyle, following and often anticipating the evolution of
style. Twils is the acronym composed of the initials of Titian, Wilma, Luisella and Simone Carnieletto, four brothers joined by
enthusiasm, competence and creativity. The Mark summarizes the direct commitment of a family of entrepreneurs, who stand out for
the research and development of cutting-edge aesthetic and functional solutions. They want to interpret not only our practical needs,
but also shape our dreams. To live in shape and color, personalize the spaces, give concrete to the desires but also to the needs of everyday life, with a complete, exhaustive, flexible proposal. Twils: the bed and all that's around. 
Casabella Grattoni1892 showroom brand: Twils
Letto Twils nello showroom di Casabella