Soleis for Residence

Via Lungolaguna Trento, 33054 Lignano Sabbiadoro UD, Italia

The project

Inside the Residence Soleis, an intervention in Lignano Sabbiadoro, Frappa Edilizia has created the format "Beauty Spa Apartment", which encloses in one solution the living principles of the whole project. Let's talk about health and well-being, all inserted within the natural context that overlooks the picturesque lagoon of Lignano. For the interior, natural elements were taken from the outside: we find the wood in its facets, the rope recalled in the use of natural textiles and water. The transparency given by the use of large windows allows for continuity of space between interior and exterior. The apartment has many amenities, including a hot tub outside, from which you can enjoy the sunset emotion on the water, the Finnish sauna and Turkish bath inside the mini spa. Adding to this is the experience of the company with regard to the technologies used for the forced heating / cooling and forced recirculation systems to allow maximum endurance and comfort for the end user. All in the context of Residence Soleis where wellness combines with aesthetics and where everything is in class A.Inside, every element is studied in detail through the uniqueness of the craftsmanships signed by Grattoni1892. The project aims to respond to high aesthetic costs that may vary according to the customer's needs, even though maintaining the originality of the product. Casabella Grattoni1892 of Pavia in Udine wanted to point to something different from the usual, by inserting the products of their new line through a tailor-made design for the space in question. Various wood species have been used, harmonized by the use of iron, materials that now distinguish the historical company. Grattoni1892 is increasingly pointing
to this, offering different things that can meet every need, the result of well-studied ideas and excellent design. The goal is to improve people's lives by making them feel right from their home, through a decor denoted by the love that Casabella Grattoni1892's team puts into their work. 'We are always looking for something to make you dream' has become the business of the company and with this project I think they have succeeded. 


Andrea Grattoni 
with collaboration of Arch. Gessica Borsatti
"The interior has been used for natural elements taken from the outside: we find the wood in its facets, the rope recalled in the use of
natural textiles and water." 
—  Riccardo Frappa