Society Limonta was born in 2000 from the desire to create innovative solutions in home couture, exploring new color variations and
textiles for table, bedroom and bathroom, without excluding, in this exciting journey, some selected clothing to wear inside and outside
the home walls. Its strong "fashion" vocation has revolutionized the very idea of home-made linen, creating a chance that was not there
before: the dress of their own home, as they dress themselves, favoring the mix & match by combining or scraping colors, prints and
materials and thus abolishing the concept of 'parure'. This infinite combinatorial possibility allows the customer to cultivate their creativity and express an extremely personal style. The Society Limonta collections arise from accurate research, the desire to create innovation, care for design, quality and color combined with a understated and unconventional vision of luxury. A search that continues in many directions: in the unparalleled combination of materials or by transferring a work to a material that it had never experienced before, and finally, mixing textures and colors. The choice of dying all the products in the head, finally, corresponds to the tension of
Society Limonta towards a "perfect imperfection". This type of dye, in addition to giving a natural look by enhancing the fabric's
characteristics, defines color nuances that make every head unique.
Casabella Grattoni1892 showroom brand: SOCIETY
Lenzuola e coprimaterasso Society nello showroom di Casabella