Saba Italia

Saba was born in 1988 and since then devotes his research to the culture of relaxation. Creation, choice of materials, manufacturing and construction processes follow an ideal path driven by the desire to experiment without inclination to excess and with constant
attention to the principles of quality and ergonomics. For Saba, a design product should not only have excellent technical features but
also respond to the real needs of the consumer and at the same time raise aesthetic emotions to enthusiasm the public. For Saba, quality is a matter of accuracy, measurement, and detail, for this they use high precision machinery that ensures the optimization and control of all stages of production. The experience of handicraft work remains fundamental. Choosing the right materials is the basis for every new project. What characterizes Saba is the unmistakable style of combining every form with the poetry of color and fabric matter. Each collection lives on its own design, which allows to adapt the shapes of the model to the ergonomic needs.
Casabella Grattoni1892 showroom brand: Saba Italia