Kristalia was born in 1994 for the will of a young group of jazz-loving friuli, who do the smartest but also the easiest and easiest thing to do: they look around, in the northeast where the company will rise, discover areas completely new in design, but in which excellence of the place is expressed: mountain boots, production of automotive components, clothing and knitwear. And in these places they decide to imitate a new pace, that they encounter design innovation. In a few years Kristalia becomes a reference in and out of Italy: in the years Two thousand makes the history of extending tables; in the ten years it is one of the design companies to which the
designers look with more interest and for some years has opened up to the contract world. Today, outsiders who were skeptical at the
time, have become the first to seek new ideas. Meaning: to have solid and long-lasting relationships with a family of designers,
designers or craftsmen, opening up to new talents that are able to communicate with a precise, tense, visionary grammar and a strong
drive for innovation. Rhythm: Do not conceal anything that is discovered and the path that comes to us, but put it in the show, in every
sense, while supporting a uniqueness that makes Kristalia instinctively able to understand what the mirror looks like, such as are new environments or other languages that could be explored and which ones are not. The rest is to take away, towards a minimal sign that means leaving room only to what is necessary, to be, to do or even to communicate a value that is the heart and shape of the product. It is something in the DNA of a company that chooses to travel lightly to be more versatile, contemporary, useful, open. 
Casabella Grattoni1892 showroom brand: Kristalia
Sedie modello Face e tavolo modello Thin-K di Kristalia nello showroom di Casabella