Grattoni 1892

Crafts, family and emotion are the three values that hide behind the name Grattoni. The artisan soul dates back to at least 1892, an important year for our family, the year when the first document we inherited from our father John the Baptist was dated, which as his father and grandfather was a carpenter able to extract from the wood a soul. We are the three heirs of this family, Andrea, Assunta and Anna Maria Grattoni, we are three brothers proud to be part of a tenacious family, able to overcome two world wars by continuing to realize the dreams of many families decorating their home. The company is born in a small village in the province of Udine, Pavia, a country that has been the cradle of furniture development district in the world. A cradle of beauty and craftsmanship, of vitality, a
district that has passed from an extremely flourishing moment to a present in many aspects depressed, unable to reactivate around its
roots. AAnd it is with this awareness that our research has started, our rediscovery of the strong values that have characterized our life
developed in this territory. The authenticity of human relations, the passion for our work, friendship, the good, the family. Around these
values we have decided to refocus on and contaminate those around us, trying to restore a climate of trust and vitality. Today, after
many years of trade in furniture, he reopened the Grattoni joinery, exactly in the same place he had been born. So we founded our brand, Grattoni1892, with the intent of transmitting our values to us, through real products, crafted by master craftsmen. Grattoni1892 is quality and passion. It's the search for natural essences, from French oak to American Walnut Canada. It's the discovery of the most secret craftsmanship. It's the ability to assemble and tell. Each of our creations is a unique product, created exclusively for you, tailored to your requirements and accompanied by all our passion for these materials. If you are looking for uniqueness, tailor-made, peculiarities, the product enriched by history and passion, then Grattoni1892 is what it is for you. All this is Grattoni1892. Visit the
Grattoni site 1892. 

Grattoni 1892 | Made in Italy
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