Baxter is born as a reality that aims to convey emotions in all its accomplishments, through the passion for everything that is beautiful and cared for in the smallest details. This company consists of a strong family component, has been formed as a personal identity by researching and preserving the craftsmanship excellence of the tradition of the territory, rediscovering and re-evaluating forgotten masterpieces, integrating them with continuous research of innovations. The leather is the main actor, the true protagonist, who through different processes takes on ever new forms. It is crafted by skilled craftsmen in its original thickness and stained through natural anilines to favor a wide range of choices. The company is very attentive to eco-sustainability, in fact it has the ISO 14001
certification, with which are implemented production logic that minimizes the environmental impact. Symbols of Baxter's excellence are culture, quality and ethics, a combination of which leather is transformed into the finest and unique raw material in the industry.

Casabella Grattoni1892 showroom brand: Baxter
Divano Damasco in pelle Baxter