De Room

Via Lovaria, 3, 33100 Udine UD

The project

De Room, a new restaurant in the center of Udine, was born with the idea of bringing something new and original to the city.
A spacious room, with references to the English style, to create an intimate and welcoming ambiance.
A space designed for a complete food and wine experience, from aperitif to dinner until after dinner.
With these premises, interior design began to be designed, taking into account the restrictions on use and the style that the client had requested for his new premises.
Inside, a large counter has been designed inspired by the past, a starting point for subsequent thoughts.
The idea was to make the most of the space by inserting stools with high backs to allow a convenient function if you wanted to eat dinner at the counter or even a simple cocktail.

"De room is a true combination of colors and objects that makes everything a very interesting and sophisticated environment.


Arch. Giovanni Battista Busolini 
Andrea Grattoni
Gessica Borsatti

Credits: Vista Casa
Ph: Massimo Crivellari
Special thanks: EFFEMME