Udine, Italy

The project

The Grattoni 1892 joinery - MADE IN ITALY according to the architect Filipuzzi Orietta and the support of the interior designer Liana Degano of Mobili Casabella 1892 has revisited the furnishings of the kitchen and the study of a house located on the upper floors of a building in Udine . The project was mainly focused on the construction of a kitchen with storage volumes and a larger work plan. Thanks to the demolition of a wall, the operating area initially positioned in a long, narrow and dark room, is now the master in a spacious and bright environment. To access the new space, you have to cross a hallway which, with the closing of the old kitchen door, has created a niche where a full-height piece of furniture has been inserted. The opaque white lacquered showcase has a central three large glazed doors and internally equipped with shelves of reduced thickness that allow the display of important services of glasses and vases. The kitchen is equipped with a column wall in which the oven, the steam oven and the wine cellar are recessed and then move on to a large 70 cm deep worktop made of Corian. The same material was used to make the wall that delimits the peninsula with the cooking area. Above the sink the cabinets of different depths and lengths create a play of movement and lightness without making containment lack. The kitchen peninsula ends with the combination of a table with a drop-shaped top in teak finish attached to a central base in white metal. On the wall opposite the kitchen, where initially there were shelves filled with old school books, the two wall niches were used to insert the important refrigerator with steel fronts. The cabinet was made with the same finish of the table by inserting white profiles along the entire external perimeter that make the veining stand out. To lighten the wall, open compartments designed mainly for the insertion of the stereo system have been designed. The renovation ends with the creation of the new study where ancient and precious books find space on specially created shelves. Following the customer's instructions, the horizontal wine-colored shelves with an important thickness of 6.5 cm have been positioned with different heights and depths. There are two removable shelves that allow the consultation of books without having to use the kitchen table.


Arch. Filipuzzi Orietta
with the collaboration of Liana Degano
Credits: VistaCASA
Ph: Massimo Crivellari