Growing company, which seeks to realize innovations in kitchen, home and laundry, with great success. They observe customer needs
and look forward to achieving excellent results that not only meet our standards but exceed them. AEG was founded as Deutsche
Edison-Gesellschaft für angewandte Elektricität in 1883 by Emil Rathenau. A merger with the subsidiary Telefunken AG and
subsequent acquisitions by Daimler AG, and Electrolux has shaped AEG to transform it into the far-sighted company that is now.
Innovation is at the heart of everything we do with AEG. This is the driving force behind our best home inventions, from the creation of
the first electric fridge to the first heat pump technology for dryers. This is the inspiration behind our sustainable materials. This is our
story and our future AEG, always an idea. 
Casabella Grattoni1892 showroom brand: AEG
Cappa AEG nello showroom Casabella