A house by the sea

Lignano(UD), Italy

The project

A house by the sea, a dream house in true Grattoni1892 style. The customer bought this house in Lignano with the aim of making it the family holiday home. The initial configuration was completely different, with partitions and fragmented spaces. The goal was to recreate an open space to be able to make the most of the space. Grattoni1892 is more and more concerned with the complete design of the house: from the choice of the floor to the demolition and reconstruction of the internal partitions, systems and bathrooms, to the fixtures and lighting. No longer just furnishing accessories, no longer just carpentry, but a complete design service to create a dream home. With this project we wanted to create a house that reflects the context in which it is located, a fresh and simple home, suitable for the relaxing life of a person on holiday. A simple design has been chosen with neutral tones that reflect the color of the sand and the sea. Although small, it had to be a house with large and free spaces, functional and elegant at the same time. The choice of materials, in line with the Grattoni 1892 brand, was that of natural materials, using bleached fir wood and iron. In particular, bleached fir wood recalls the wood that brings the sea after the storms, a wood lived and full of emotions. This was the leitmotif of all the rooms, used for the back of the kitchen, the headboards, the shelves in the niche, the bathroom furniture and the outdoor complements. In a small space we considered it essential to develop the project with the same material, so as to make a unique environment and create less visual changes possible. Everything has been crowned thanks to a study of lights with luminous cuts on the ceiling, in order to create a unique light and dark play. Nothing is left to chance, but everything is designed from beginning to end with a general overview.


Andrea Grattoni

Before and after