The most beautiful projects in your homes and businesses

The furnishings of each of us are very personal, reflects our emotions and our character. Most times you think you have a clear idea of the best design solution and you start to fantasize on a set of objects visualizing them in space. The field of choice is vast and there is
never a clear conception of all things that can be done, sometimes you become aware of configurations or solutions that you could not imagine could even exist. For this reason, Grattoni1892 offers you a selection of projects made right in your own home to inspire you and let you know what we have to offer you. We never limit ourselves to things done, but we always welcome new challenges, so for any seemingly impossible desire we are here.
The people we worked on tell us about it.
Also look at our projects and yours!
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    A story of successful projects

    Of the projects we have, we have many: we have selected the ones we loved and which will surely be of inspiration. Keep reading