How the Grattoni1892 design was born


Since the 1892, when the first invoice was discovered, Casabella Grattoni1892 works as a real carpentry. Traditions and traditions have been handed down over the years to the present day when the workings learned from father to son are still being used. 


A team of architects and designers works every day to design new design objects made with wood and iron. The unique design and naturalness of the product make the Grattoni1892 unique designs realized. 
"We started in 1892 as carpenters, and still today we create, design, build your dreams."
- Andrea Grattoni 
– John Doe


Everything begins with curiosity, facing a journey that will take us far. An explorer attentive to what nature has turned into an artwork.
It's the search for a story that interwoven lives of men, woods, rites to discover and artifacts to create. Where the custody of the true, the good and the just is entrusted to men able to imagine life in an object. When mastery joins the passion for their work. Where talent
has the sole task of extracting from its substance its vitality, until it takes shape, a unique form, as its history will be unique. It could have been a tree buried for 9,000 years that a skilled carpenter decided to give life again. What will be important is that every artifact will have a long history to tell and there are still many to attend. This is the philosophy behind our wooden products. We are always looking for new essences ranging from local produce to overseas: from Friulian nut to sipo of South African mahogany family. We
always strive for new techniques and workmanship: from the handmade planing we are proud of tradition, to the burning of wood as an innovative technique. Ours is a continuous path of innovation, never forgetting where we come from and what has been handed down to us. 


Natural materials, we know, are our passion. For this reason, we have decided not to stop only on wood, but to continue with experimentation in other fields. Iron is the protagonist of this phase of study and testing in the Grattoni family, material already used,
but not today's levels. So we started an important collaboration with two extraordinary women, our "blacksmiths", who began to make our desires, even the most absurd ones, concrete. Since then, we have started to discover how iron can take on different colors,
textures and aspects. It is a fantastic, malleable, but at the same time durable material that allows us to create fantastic creations together with wood. But the research does not stop there, and that is why we have not limited ourselves to the use of wood and iron,
but we have also learned to work stone and chemical elements like gold, silver and copper. But this is just a beginning, and as we always say, "We are always looking for something to make you dream"