"We started as carpenters in 1892. Today, like yesterday, we are guided by three fixed points: quality, design and competence.We explore and identify for you the main trends in world design, to offer you a selection of objects that make your environments unique. .. and often we start to build them with our hands and our passion. "
– Andrea Grattoni
Everything started at the end of the 1800s, from a house lined up on the edge of a dirt road and a double door where three brothers improvised a rudimentary society, but full of enthusiasm: the artist, the craftsman and the accountant .. all between planes, hacksaws, clamps, saws, small pieces of gelatine and the pencil to the ear, a red and flat pencil with a large knife-tempered lead. In the following years Giovanni Battista, called Titta, knew how to transmit all his enthusiasm and his passion to his son Andrea who, since he was a kid, followed him, curiously, at fairs and factories. Andrea has inherited passion and openness has treasured the past to grow and get excited and thrilled through a material that gave, gives and always gives warmth. Great vivacity of ideas, of research, of creation, of growth and a lot of passion.

Showroom Casabella Grattoni1892:
3600 square meters of design where you can be inspired