Home history

Thanks to our enthusiasm, our teamwork and our values, we want to delight everyone who loves the quality of life through the creation of environments and products that arise from the search for beauty, functionality and sustainability. Our point of arrival is to become one of the European reference points of excellence and the culture of home wellness, offering the best products, the best solutions and an excellent service level accessible to everyone. Thanks to this, grow and become top-level global leaders globally, creating value and continuity for the business. Our core values are the passion for excellence, understood as love for the beautiful and well done, and ethics, meant as a long-term value building through sustainability, transparency, people's valorisation and continuity familiar. 

Design in my house

The projects of our customers, of those we have dreamed for, we saw smiling at work completed and thanking us. These are the projects that fill our hearts, because we know that we have given some joy to someone's life, helping them live better and in peace.
Projects that have helped us grow and become what we are today, projects that we need to thank every day. Thank you for allowing us to do all this.